Digital Skills

Digital skills that you can learn or improve for free

Digital Skills

The spread of digital technologies in our lives is changing our interaction with the environment – changing ways of accessing various services, information and knowledge. This interaction is enhanced through channels such as social networks, using online services, watching video content, shopping on the Internet and more.

Developed basic and standard digital skills are becoming key to living in a digital environment. They allow you to increase efficiency and reduce the time it takes to solve problems in the digital world, make human life more comfortable and open up opportunities for personal and professional development.

Digital skills at work

Improve your skills
Improve your skills

The importance of social inclusion and digital skills is growing. In the future, they will be vital. The level of possession of such skills will determine the success of a person’s life and the prospects for his employment. According to Microsoft experts, 65% of today’s high school and university students will do work that does not yet exist. For example, professions such as virtual living environment designer, roboethics lawyer, biohacker, or Internet of Things data analyst will appear.

Here are some digital skills you can learn or improve for free:

  • Fast keyboard typing

The average typing speed is 40 words per minute. If you type faster, it can save a lot of time. A method of blind typing, based on the work of muscle memory, will help you learn how to type quickly. The more you train, the faster and more accurately you type without looking at the keyboard.

The ability to type quickly is useful in professional life and will be a great addition to the resume. So start training now. Practice a little every day and use your free time for more important things.

You can check the print speed on Ratatype.

  • Basic programming knowledge

Understanding the basic principles of programming helps to find a connection between various facts, improves analytical skills. Knowledge of programming will help to focus on the problem and find its solution. 

You can study the programming course at FutureLearn, which provides online courses in partnership with universities in the UK and the world. “Computer Programming for All” is a two-week course that will tell you how to use basic, more complex code and how programming works in real life. At the end of it you can even write your first computer program and get a free certificate in PDF.

  • Photoshop

The knowledge of the Photoshop editor is necessary not only for those who want to work as a graphic designer. Such a skill is needed in marketing and advertising. In Photoshop, you can edit photos, create logos, all kinds of graphic images and so on. 

For those who want to start by simply trying their hand in this area, you can download and register in Creative Cloud which provides a free monthly subscription to Photoshop, Illustrator, Acrobat and much more.

  • Spreadsheets and Text Editors

Popular products from Microsoft Office and Google will help create text documents – letters or descriptions for goods or services, as well as a variety of graphs, tables, mathematical formulas and equations, and more. Such a skill will come in handy both in studies and in future work.

LinkedIn provides the Excel Learning Fundamentals (Office 365) course, which is an introduction to Excel for beginners. You will learn how to create charts, tables, and sort data for free.

  • Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a fairly popular area of activity that uses all possible forms of digital channels to promote brands and includes the Internet, social networks, radio, television and other forms. It is closely related to Internet marketing, but it has already developed a number of methods to reach the target audience even in an offline environment (displaying ads on the streets, SMS and MMS, using applications on smartphones and much more).

To learn more about this industry, you can take a Master Marketing course at Digital Business Academy. It consists of 6 modules and includes topics such as appearing in the Google top and how to get paid advertising. Each course is taught using key information markers, a combination of videos and tests to test knowledge.

After you go through all the modules, you can download a free certificate, which will be a great addition to your resume for work.

Digital Skills
Digital Skills

Moreover, you can learn something new with Google digital garage. It is an online learning resource from Google that contains a number of different courses. However, there are only 2 courses that you can get a free certificate.

The Digital Marketing Basics course consists of 26 modules covering data, business strategy, display advertising, analytics, content marketing and e-commerce. It takes about 40 hours and ends with an exam. You are entitled to receive a certificate if you have passed.

There are many other free online courses to improve digital skills, but they do not come with a certificate. One of them is the Understanding Code Basics course, which will only take you one hour.

LinkedIn now also has free Digital Marketing courses that include learning about video ads, creating content, design, SEO, and promoting content on social networks. Of the other courses, there are Instagram Marketing, Online Video Content Strategy, and Social Media Marketing.

If you don’t have time to take courses, use the online tutorials on topics that interest you and that you can study in between work or even on the go. Subscribe to channels, blogs and pages of top experts, join profile groups, chats in social networks. Stay tuned for quality resources where experts share their opinions.