Marketing strategies

Marketing strategies that can help small businesses succeed

Marketing strategies

Business owners nowadays have an opportunity to use all of the available online resources in order to advertise their goods and services, create an online presence and increase their customer base. There are businesses that benefit from some of the existing marketing strategies, while others still wonder how to grow using all of the tools that are present on the market. 

What is a marketing strategy and why do you need one? Marketing is all about presenting your brand and its main value through a set of tools, which can include blogging, advertising campaigns, social media, in order to deliver the right message to the right audience. Marketing strategies differ depending on the brand and its TA and should be well-thought before being used to attract new customers and increase overall brand awareness. 

Let’s have a look at a few handy strategies to work with in order to attract new clients, show the brand at its best and create an outstanding brand’s image which will speak for itself. 

Know your brand and its identity

Brand Identity
Brand Identity

This the initial step of any marketing strategy – knowing what is it that you are offering and what value it can bring to your clients. There has to be a clear vision of your business and its main components. Try describing your brand in an easy language, something that will resonate and make people choose you. 

As a rule, a brand presents the owner’s values which should become the core of its identity. It all starts with answering the following questions: what my brand is all about, what it will give to the customers and why they need it. It might be helping someone to solve their problem, provide them with favourite services for overall satisfaction or just give an opportunity to enjoy beloved goods.

Know your customer

The thing is that the products and services you offer are not able to suit everyone or they are just not needed for everyone out there. Your task here is to determine who are those people that will need the things you are offering. You don’t need to think about the rest. Companies that sell luxury cars do not care about those people who prefer middles-class ones. They are just not their target audience.

Your targeted customers might be people of a certain age, sex, location or profession. They might be from one country or from different ones. It might happen that you will be targeting only people from your town, where you are running your business, and it is absolutely fine as long as you have a clear understanding of who are those people on the other side of the screen wanting to get a desired thing or service. 

Understanding your target audience is also vital for social media and email marketing. If you have an international brand, you need to make sure it speaks the languages of most customers and delivers its message in the right way. The Instagram page of an international wedding event agency, for instance, will differ from the page which advertises local children’s birthday parties. 

Know your competitor 

Competitors search
Competitors search

You have the brand, you have the customers, now it is time to make sure you know other businesses out there offering the same things you do. If you have managed to create something outstanding, which is not available on the market yet, it might be easier to build the customer base. But, for most businesses out there, their products are fated to have competitors.

The issue here is not in the competitors, but in the importance of determining the difference between your brand and theirs, even if you are offering absolutely the same product. Analyzing competitors’ identity, their activity on the market and how they present what they offer, will help you understand them better and distinguish and highlight the differences. These exact differences will help you stand out and attract potential customers. There should be something that the other brand does not have, something which evokes positive emotions and makes your clients remember you and come back. 

A list of helpful tools to start with

A highly technological world nowadays gives people an amazing opportunity to use multiple methods to advertise their brands, paid ones or absolutely free. Here’s a list of great tools which can be used to attract new customers and make sure that the world knows what you are offering:

  • Target your audience with ads on Facebook; 
  • Increase your brand visibility with Google My Business; 
  • Make sure the brand is presented in Social Media; 
  • Invest in Content Marketing;
  • Partner with famous bloggers or other businesses;
  • Organize regular promotions;
  • Be active and speak in the language of your customers.

Once you have established your brand’s identity, your targeted customers and existing competitors, the above-mentioned tools will be highly beneficial towards establishing a successful and working marketing campaign.


While there are some marketing strategies that will perfectly work for one brand, they might be absolutely useless for another. It is okay to try multiple things before getting the ideal one which will suit your needs and objectives. However, one of the important things to do before starting any marketing campaign is to evaluate your business and its customer base.

Knowing your brand and what it offers, understanding your targeted customers, their preferred method of communication and what they are looking for, analyzing the existing competitors on the market and distinguishing the main differences which make your brand stand out, is something to start with and get your hands in the challenging world of marketing.