What is social media marketing?

What is social media marketing?

What is social media marketing?

SMM or social media marketing includes various methods and ways of promotion, either it is a service, a shop or a bookstore. In recent years, social media, in general, has become one of the most popular places to hang out, search for new people, interesting articles and find the desired goods and services. 

For any starting business or the one that has been on the market for a while, it is essential to stay active across various social platforms as this helps to target new customers, increase overall brand awareness and communicate with people in order to gain trust, popularity and a good reputation. 

Let’s look into the world of social media, how everything works and what is required for building a good and efficient strategy with the help of SMM. 

What is SMM and how does it work?

Social media marketing exists to help various companies and brands showcase their products, advertise them, increase sales figures and attract more people to the main website. SMM may include blogging, using various platforms for posting, finding management tools to increase the conversion rate and many other interesting things that help companies get the most out of the usage of social media. 

Among the most popular social platforms that are currently used are: 

  • Facebook;
  • TikTok; 
  • LinkedIn; 
  • Youtube; 
  • Instagram;
  • Twitter.

While all of these platforms are useful and tend to show great results in terms of building a customer base, each of them serves different purposes and targets different audiences. 

Analyzing your business, what it offers and what problems it solves will help you choose the right place to start social advertising. 

Why do businesses need SMM?

Social media

The fact is that the world is currently living online. And the amount of people browsing the Internet is increasing day by day. Nowadays, in order to tell everyone about your main brand and what it is that you do, it is not enough to come up with a good website. The brand should speak for itself and show what it offers, communicate with clients and receive their feedback

In order to target the right audience and increase the customer base, social media is the right place to start. Creating a profile, telling about your business and its values, posting pictures and updates, sharing daily news and clients’ feedback are all the steps towards making your brand alive and visible. 

When people can find answers to their multiple questions towards a service or a brand, they feel more satisfied and eager to purchase, when the brand is interacting with customers, it makes them feel special and adds personal value. When the brand’s page in social media is lively and active, people visit it more often, talk about it, share with friends and the audience is increasing naturally along with the brand’s development. 

Starting the journey

Before starting an interesting journey in the world of SMM, it is vital to understand how the system works and what the main steps towards a successful social media page are. 

Eliminating the target audience

Your target audience (TA) will determine the style of your future business page, its design and the main communication language. Depending on people who are your main focus, you will be building your advertising strategy and further developing the brand. 

In order to find out more about potential customers, it will be rather beneficial to analyze the market and study the competitors: check what people are looking for when they browse the Internet and what other brands offer and how they do it. 

Your target audience might differ from the competitor’s TA or may be pretty much the same. Your task is understanding who those people are, knowing their age, where they live and what they do and what interests them the most. The more accurate you describe your TA, the easier it will be to attract them. 

Finding a purpose 

Knowing the main purpose of involving yourself with various social platforms on the Internet is another step towards making your page stand out and deliver the correct message. You don’t have to do it just because someone is telling you too. There should be a purpose in every step of your business strategy. Take time and study the market, check what it is so special about social media that keeps people there 24/7 and how you can benefit from it. 

Your purpose may be in increasing a company’s monthly income or ensuring a big number of new customers, pushing your brand on a new market or a wish to interact more with potential clients. Whatever it is, it will be the thing that works for you and might be the tool towards finding your niche on the expanse of the Internet. 

Defining the strategy

The truth is, looking after your page on the Internet takes time and a lot of effort. Before starting to fulfill the page with content, you have to come up with a strategy which will work for your brand. It includes a plan of postings along with their:

  • substance;
  • technique;
  • frequency;
  • rubrics;
  • the tone of voice.

Take time and try to understand whether you are accenting more on the visual part or want to combine it with an informative one as well. Your page should speak for your brand, it should be its best embodiment. 

Apart from that, your page statistics also matters. You should understand if the chosen strategy works or whether you need to change something. Analyzing weekly reports, looking at people who visit your page most of the time will help to adapt your strategy to the needs and preferences of your TA. 

Finding an account manager 

Content making
Content making

A social media page, as was mentioned before, requires a lot of work and you will need someone who will be able to do it. There should be someone who knows the brand, what it offers, how it works, its core values, the tone of voice, in order to manage the page, respond to all the comments and DMs and act according to a stated marketing strategy.

An account manager is someone who is familiar with social media and its latest trends, knows how to track all the records and page statistics, and generate reports. If you are planning to make your page active, there will be a lot of interaction with your customers, new clients and curious visitors. There should be someone ready to manage it all, write engaging posts, come up with an attractive visual image and make sure everyone gets their attention and all the answers. 

The more active and responding you are with your clients on the chosen social platform, the more positive feedback and loyal customers you will get. As simple as that. You are creating the page not for an attractive unified account image but in order to build rapport with people who visit your website. 

Interaction and engagement  

If they come to your page and subscribe, it means that they found something that they like or need and might want to purchase in the future. If you keep up the good work with developing the page and communicating with your clients in the right and respective way, it will become one of the most effective channels for building your loyal customer base. 

Make sure your page provides not only goods and services for sale but also gives people some useful information. Depending on the theme of your page, it can be some tips on traveling or choosing the right place for your next birthday party, top-10 books to read or a list of easy recipes to try on the weekends. It might also include a Q&A section along with existing customers’ reviews. The more information you give, the more people will be coming to visit you for more useful stuff. 

Useful tricks to start with

Various social platforms offer different ways of attracting potential customers and increasing your brand’s popularity and visibility. While some of them are rather complicated and might seem expensive, there exist some that are accessible and cheap and do not require a lot of effort to start. 

Advertising on Facebook 

It seems to be a number one place to search for your audience and increase the website’s traffic as, according to statistics, more than two million businesses constantly use Facebook to place their advertisements. The good thing about Facebook is that it allows customizing your ad according to TA’s location, profession, age, sex and other details.

It is easy to start and run an advertising campaign which requires only a catchy headline, some description of what you advertise, a nice image and a website link. While there might be some difficulties to pick up the right target audience and adjust the filters, there exist a lot of useful tools to help the beginners and succeed with their first Facebook advertising. 

Looking at LinkedIn from a different perspective

People know LinkedIn as a business platform, a place where people upload their resumes, share their achievements and showcase their work experience. The platform is a great place for people to look for a dream job, while recruiters can benefit from a huge number of potential employees.

However, LinkedIn is also helpful in terms of establishing B2B connections. You need to make sure the business page is updated and has all the relevant information that might be useful; interact with all the people who visit the page and leave questions; update people on all the changes that happen with your company. LinkedIn offers an amazing opportunity to establish connections with people and other companies available on the market. This is a great way of getting to know your competitors, who they interact with and how they act. 

Although LinkedIn, as any other available platform, is a place where there is a possibility to share the latest news and interesting things about your company, you need to filter the information that you plan to provide. No need to repost from other social platforms, as the content you use there might be not suitable for the LinkedIn users. 

Finding your blogger 


Have you ever bought something just because your favourite blogger discussed it in their latest video? Let’s be honest – we all did. People nowadays tend to trust bloggers’ opinions and act accordingly. You cannot imagine how many new clients will come to check your brand if a respected influencer mentions your company in their Instagram stories or a Youtube video. 

Finding a good blogger with a good number of followers will help you market your brand and stand out among competitors. While it might be quite an expensive service, depending on the chosen blogger and their popularity, the most essential thing here is to choose the right person with the correct target audience. It will be of little help towards a brand, if you choose a teenage blogger, with a relatively young audience, to advertise sports supplements or women’s clothes and makeup. It is not about quantity here but more about quality. You should get not only new followers, but also people who are capable of buying and using what is being advertised. 

Summing up 

While some companies and businesses haven’t yet decided to go online and try expanding across various social platforms, others are widely using all of their benefits. 

Social media marketing, despite being complicated, is a useful and efficient method of acting according to the current trends in order to advertise what your company offers through currently popular channels. Having a page on the Internet, on one or several popular platforms, gives you a chance to present your business, tell about it to a large number of customers and increase its awareness on the market.  

In order to succeed, it is important to cover a list of important steps on the way to building your unique and distinctive social image. It is essential to remember what your brand is and what it offers to different people and what problems it helps them to solve. Knowing your customers and making sure you give them everything they might need to get acquainted with your brand will help you build trust and earn loyal clients.