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Ways digital marketing agencies will change due to COVID-19

digital marketing

The work of digital agencies and their clients was greatly influenced by the processes that now are taking place in the world due to the coronavirus pandemic. It is essential to adapt to the new reality and devise the ways to tackle challenges. 

The most important areas of the working process that require intervention are the development of the new strategy, organization of the remote job and communication with the customers. In this article, we will define several approaches for digital agencies and their clients which will be suitable and applicable in times of crisis.

Change in the strategy

Times For Change
Times For Change

To change the overall work of the digital agency, firstly you need to change the strategy. Due to the effect caused by COVID-19, the product-market fit has become different for digital agencies and other companies. That is why it is important to assess the supply and demand and examine the following points:

  • the new needs of the client base of the digital agency itself and its customers;
  • the possible changes in the budget;
  • if the client of the digital agency still remains a good target for the audience;
  • the services available to help the customers;
  • the emerging need for a change of the customer’s profile.

To sum up, the digital agency should evaluate the product-market fit of the company itself and of the clients for 2020. After that, the agency will be able to figure out the new plan which helps to address the weaknesses of the previous strategy. Further, we will describe some helpful points digital agencies can apply right away.

Creating a strategy
Creating a strategy

First of all, on the customer’s site, there should be a separate page informing about COVID-19 and the help provided to the clients in connection with this issue. It is better to make this information visible for every page. The constant updates concerning the business are also extremely important.

Secondly, the agency and its clients should develop a new messaging strategy and use it for every used communication channel, including radio, TV, and marketing team.

Thirdly, digital agency clients need to run a campaign informing about the help provided to the clients during coronavirus pandemic and then monitoring the outcomes of this campaign, whether it is successful or not.

Remote work organization

New realities dictate the rules. More and more companies are shifting to telecommuting and digital agencies also have to adapt to these changes. Remote job opportunities are very profitable for digital agencies because of the ability to save on the cost of the offices’ rent. The money saved on the rent can be invested in the other projects. 

However, telecommuting also has a range of drawbacks including:

  • the absence of direct communication;
  • lack of discipline and motivation;
  • the need for monitoring workers’ productivity;
  • privacy and security issues.

The owners of the companies may face with the management problems as it is more difficult to control the work of the staff members.

To solve the above-mentioned problems, the CEOs of the digital agencies may apply time tracking methods, check weekly and monthly statistics, and organize the team meetings within a day via video conferencing. 

In addition, the owners may also offer some team building activities, happy hours and perform the weekly check-ins of the company’s departments.

Ways to communicate

The in-person meetings are now being substituted by the video calls and this new practice also creates some kind of challenges. 

work organization
Remote work organization

It is vital to create a perfect impression of the company while talking with the client at the meeting. That is why some basic rules should not be ignored. The appearance of the staff members during the video calls is very important — neat clothes and suitable background play a great role. 

Due to this reason, the owners of the digital agencies and other companies need to consider creating special backgrounds with the company’s logos and examine the appearance of their workers who are responsible for the communication with the clients. The reputation of the company depends on it greatly. 

Video calls are not necessarily important for every working activity. According to studies, video conferences often lead to higher levels of stress, anxiety and fatigue. The reason is the pressure and need to control the appearance that requires more mental energy in comparison with the ordinary face-to-face meetings. To cope with this problem, the workers  can use video calls only if there is an urgent need. Also, it is recommended to take breaks between the calls and create a separate place in the house for them.

The bottom line

Beyond any doubt, the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic had a great impact on our usual routine. Despite the negative effects on the businesses, the world will soon adapt to the new conditions and will create the strategies and approaches to organize the working process in a more productive way.