Artificial Intelligence Websites

Artificial Intelligence Websites Designing Themselves

Artificial Intelligence Websites

More and more people and especially designers are interested in the question of how Artificial Intelligence is going to change the future of the designing field. Keep in mind, that AI is already used in various processes of designing. 

According to research from an expert from the Bank of America, the profit of the AI market is going to become about $152 billion, where $82 billion will be part of robot technologies, and the second part $70 billion will come from systems that are based on AI technologies. Mark Zuckerberg believes that with the help of digital robots based on AI may change the ways brands communicate with their clients online. 

For instance, there are Microsoft’s Cortana and Google’s voice assistant are based on AI and aim to enhance communication between them in users. It is not some funny features from tech giants, it is quite a helpful reality. Artificial Intelligence provides elaborated web development in marketing, SEO, and web designing fields. 

Things that automated web developers have changed in web designing


Even though AI is not in common usage, there is a steadily growing number of websites and businesses that extensively use this technology. Many of them are excited to use it. 

If you have worked at least once with web designing, you should know how demanding and tiring it can be.  You spend a lot of time dealing with a huge amount of images for your project. You do not have other options, because from proper editing of those images, content, fonts, and coding greatly depends on the effectiveness of the whole website. Many years ago web designers had to do it on their own. However, with the rise of AI, their work has become easier and simpler in time-consuming processes.

Importance of Artificial Intelligence in Web Design

Nowadays, Artificial Intelligence can decide for you what schemes, layouts, images, and other related things are needed for good designing. The software uses user input analysis to choose needed elements for a design that will fit the best for engagement and user experience. By studying users’ interaction with the brand and their activities, AI accordingly adjusts the sizes of images to cater to their needs.

Moreover,  this technology makes web content more personalized. For instance, if you have users with diabetes, your website is going to put at top recommendations on diabetic recipes. Such a level of personalization can spark a user’s interest.  

Artificial Intelligence refines the user experience

While helping with web design, AI predicts user moods and preferences to a certain business. Moreover, Artificial Intelligence helps marketers minimize the number of errors and maximize the client’s attention. AI even copes with big amounts of data and perform it accurately and with flying colors. 

Artificial Intelligence provides better replies

Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence

Some years ago, the issues of bad communication between users and computers lied in incorrect replies that what caused by the artificial nature of computers and their lack of understanding of human feelings and emotions.   

Nowadays we see an improved situation. Many chatbots are based on AI and, as a result,  they are more productive and can have effective communication with fewer issues in the process of understanding. Experts forecast that this communication with AI-based chatbots will become only better and easier with years.

Statistics show that such fields like healthcare and retail use more and more chatbots. As a result, this solution can tackle at least 55% of all clients’ issues without even the intervention of a human specialist. 

Popular websites that use AI

Quick development and good results of AI have brought huge interest from well-known online websites and stores. Among popular users of this technology are:

  • WordPress Plugins

WordPress, a well-known system for content management,  uses this technology for its plugins.  These AI-based plugins’ main goal is to increase the user experience positively. Among these solutions are insights for human emoticon, SEO based on AI, chatbots, and AI recommendations. WordPress also included the Grid plugin.

  • The Grid

The Grid implemented this technology in web design and gave it the name ‘Molly’. This plugin has helped users and the company itself develop and design many web pages. Molly can do all the designing part. From the side of the user, he or she just needs to choose needed variants, answer some questions, and give some photos. 

  • Wix ADI

Wix has presented ADI that can personalize user design according to his or her wishes. As a result, they are going to have an impactful website with no hassle. 

The great future of web design with the help of AI


If we pay close attention to the history of the web, we are going to notice that the web has turned into a source of various information, happiness and place where different people can communicate with known and unknown people, find a loved ones, shop, find entertainment and find people with the same interests and ideas. 

While the digital world plays an important part in our lives, we all deserve to have good experience not only with the products we purchase but also with web design we see. Artificial Intelligence has created new possibilities for the web design field and web in general.


Of course, many web designers start worrying that AI is going to substitute them. However, this change is not going to happen in the nearest future. Even if it happens, human presence and control always play a crucial role in the final web design.