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Social media for brands during lockdown

Social Media

With so many people being locked at home without any opportunity to meet with friends and family, the Internet is now the key to solving many problems. People can use various platforms to chat, interact and stay connected even in the current situation. 

Social media, for example, with platforms like Instagram, has faced an amazing increase in the number of users while influencers are posting a lot of #ad content to help the brands function. According to a recently conducted survey, people are not against seeing advertising content, hence, some brands are now facing an increase in potential customers and page visitors. 

However, the brands, in return, had to adapt and adjust their social media profiles to correspond with the current situation. 

Good things matter

Brand’s audience wants to see not only the offered goods and services but also witness the brand’s support in the hard times of the pandemic. If the brand keeps its communication with the customers, it is expected to make something in order to help local organizations in the fight against the virus. Not only is it beneficial for many people who take part in the fight, but it also will be highly valued and appreciated by the ones who are staying home. 

Famous companies have used their benefit of being socially present and recognizable in giving support, each one in their own way. Some of the websites have offered tons of free material, courses subscriptions and access to lectures. Others, like the Crocs brand, have given away Clogs absolutely free of charge to the health workers. Some of the brands participated in fundraising activities while others keep promoting a #stayhome lifestyle. These steps will show the brands’ support and encourage customers to stay loyal throughout the hard times. 

Pay attention to the audience

It is all about the audience and its preferences right now. Many brands have adjusted their content, ways of interaction and things they offer. Let’s look at what the most popular things brands do to keep up with their audience and provide their best ever approach: 

Realistic and authentic material 

Maximum interaction
Maximum interaction 

Everyone is into simplicity right now. As everybody is sitting at home, no one wants to look at polished and flawless photos of supermodels, with their great bodies and perfect clothes. This doesn’t help. However, seeing the same models without makeup, at home, with their sweatpants on pays more attention and makes people realize that everyone is absolutely same and equal. 

Same works with the brands’ content. It should be realistic, speaking with the audience in the same language and making them feel supported and understood. Such an approach works at any time and helps brands to easily connect with a broader target audience. 

Many brands, influencers and models are posting a lot of content about their life during quarantine, sharing their meals, workouts, movies to watch, books to read and helping out their visitors feel valued and cared about. 

Maximum interaction 

As many people are locked at home without anyone to talk to and spend some quality time together, many brands are offering many amazing tools for the desired interaction. Many people are going live, inviting world-class professionals from various industries, like fashion, medicine, sports, education and many more. People are now able to watch an interview, ask questions, learn something new and feel like they are not alone. 

Many platforms are offering live broadcasts and people just need to choose the desired one to start with. The fun fact is that many of the social media platforms have had the live function for quite a while now, however, it started to be used to its fullest potential only during a lockdown. 

A lot of brands are getting twice more visitors to their social media due to the organized Q&A sessions with popular actors, workout videos, live concerts and other entertainment material which serves as a great tool to increase interaction. 

Provide good content 

Good content
Good content 

With people staying at home and seeking different ways to entertain themselves and look for something useful, many brands nowadays are trying to come up with new and innovative ways to engage with the audience and provide them with interesting and unique content. 

If people cannot go outside, it is now possible to bring outside to their homes with the use of AR and VR technologies. People, who don’t have an opportunity to walk in their favourite park or have cancelled their desired journey to Italy can now feel a taste of it without exiting their homes. Virtual reality experiences along with live streaming give an opportunity to participate in different lectures, conferences and summits. If people cannot travel to take part in a conference, the conference will be now brought to them.

Apart from that, various social media platforms are coming up with new sets of filters, GIFs and stickers. First of all, it is fun. Secondly, it allows users to diversify communication and add some colors to an everyday life on social distancing. 


Nowadays, companies and brands around the world are all about online interaction and supporting their customers, ready to do whatever it takes to bring good content. Apart from taking part in the world initiative to help out in the fight against the virus, the brands across different social media platforms, are engaging with their customers with the help of live shows, VR technology and a realistic and personalized approach. The above mentioned helps the brand to stand out and bring on board more loyal customers as well as increase the brand’s awareness among a larger number of people.