things in tech you need to know today

10 things in tech you need to know today

things in tech you need to know today

There are ongoing debates on the role of tech giant Huawei in the British 5G networks. If the government of the United Kingdom has previously agreed to partner with Huawei which will provide all the necessary mobile equipment which the UK needs, the situation might change now. The country, first of all, is highly concerned about security and possible spying from the Chinese side with the help of the installed technology. Therefore, the country’s government is planning to review the terms and conditions and the role of Huawei in British networks. 

Covidsafe app has lost its relevance

Covidsafe is an Australian App that has been launched once the virus has hit the world and is said to be able to track the number of people the user has met within the last three weeks and whether or not they are infected. It was highly advertised by the Australian government as an amazing tool towards establishing a maximum level of protection from the virus. However, the app has proved to be barely useful after one month of going live. The record has shown only one person with the virus and its usage across the country continues to decrease as the economy starts getting back to normal. 

Bill Gates becomes the conspiracy theorist’s target 

Covidsafe app has lost its relevance
Covidsafe app has lost its relevance

Bill Gates who has made a huge donation of $300 million towards a vaccine that is aimed to fight the coronavirus has been accused of doing it for another purpose. People all over the Internet along with the ones that have participated in different surveys think that Bill Gates wants to use the vaccines in order to have an opportunity to implant microchips which will track people’s location. Bill Gates is now widely discussed across various internet platforms that come up with different conspiracy theories related to the topic. 

The Boring Company that has been launched by Elon Musk, has finished the works on the second tunnel which is aimed at developing a new system for moving people. Both tunnels are located under the convention center of Las Vegas. After the tunnels, the company will start building the stations which will be located above the ground and will help people to move from one end of the tunnel to another in a fast and convenient way. Experts call the tunneling idea the transportation future of the city and are looking forward to trying it out.

Qihoo 3600 Opposition 

As the US continues to put their sanctions on many Chinese companies, some of them are starting to oppose. One of the anti-virus software suppliers, Qihoo, has commented on the US decision and called its actions “politicizing”. The sanctions limit all of the listed companies from accessing various US technology and components which is certainly a disadvantage for them. The US, in return, explains its actions as essential measures against those companies which might be a security threat or are somehow involved in the abuse of human rights. Most listed companies deny the accusation.

Microsoft headsets as new protection from COVID-19

Social distancing is solved with the help of robots
Social distancing is solved with the help of robots

In order to decrease the number of doctors in contact with the patients who are now suffering from the coronavirus, some of the hospitals in London have received special headsets from Microsoft. With the help of the headsets, doctors now have an opportunity to express their thoughts and share their point of view with other doctors remotely, without the need to be present in the room with the patient. On another hand, the headsets are also able to create holographic projections for the person who has the Microsoft headsets. One of the doctors said that this is an amazing way to prevent the massive spread of the virus as now only one doctor can go to see the patient, while others can stay in an isolated space.

South Korea has come up with a decision on how to support social distancing and, at the same time, provide people with the required services. One of the country’s cafes is now using robots, who are able to take orders, know how to make different types of coffee and bring the orders to the customers’ tables. As the robot is doing all the tasks, the cafe now requires only one human employee on site in order to control the overall process. 

Hospital Supply Delivered by Drones

In order to help the hospitals with all the required protective supplies, drones will now be used on one of the remote islands in Scotland. If the overall journey usually requires a trip on the road along with a ferry one, the drones will deliver everything within 15 minutes. Such an experiment can be a beginning for future use of drones to deliver other medical supplies and test samples as the time it requires to reach from one place to another can hardly be beaten. 

5G Mast Attacks 

There is an ongoing investigation about the case of damaging 5G masts. The installed masts are attacked right after they have been installed and the number of such attacks is only rising. There were also cases with attacked engineers who are involved in the installment of wireless technology. People believe that such actions are related to some of the existing conspiracy theories which claim that 5G might have an impact on the coronavirus spreading. 

The boom of try-before-you-buy startup

During the coronavirus pandemic, people are searching for alternative ways of getting the things they need without leaving the house. While some people are already used to buying clothes online, others have been taken by surprise. In order to make the overall process of online shopping easier and more convenient, Canada has come with an ecommerce startup that managed to raise approximately $2 million. The aim was to offer a unique “try-before-you-buy” experience for the customers and make it pleasant and efficient.