digital identity

IT company says it is stepping up development of ‘digital identities’

digital identity

To talk about the development of digital identities we need to discuss what this notion means and how you can effectively protect your identity in the digital world. 

The definition of digital identity 

What are the digital attributes?

Each digital identity takes in different pieces of information about you. This is all done in the digital version and when all pieces are put together they point directly at you.  As a rule, all these pieces of information are called data attributes. Some of these attributes are quite apparent like Social Security number or your user name. some of the attributes are less obvious like search activities or online comments on certain websites. 

In other cases, you may provide your data attributes to purchase products or services online or gain access to your bank account on a regular basis. However, there are cases when you provide your personal data like your full name, your birth date, Social Security number and you may feel vulnerable. If you shared your data with questionable sources, you are risking to become a victim of identity theft.

In the modern world where almost everything is oriented on technologies, sometimes it is a challenge to be cautious of what and how we share it. Even if you take all the possible and impossible precautions, a small cyber breach at a company with whom you work may end in your identity theft. Regardless, you need to know how to control and check all your personal information you share on the Internet. 

What are the digital attributes?

We mentioned this notion earlier, however, let’s study more attentively of what personal data alone or in a complex can direct at you and not at another person. Do not forget that online activity also relates to personal data. 

  • Login credentials (like username and password)
  • Social Security number
  • Date of birth
  • Online accounts
  • Medical case
  • Online search activities
  • Signed online petitions
  • Comments on articles and social media 
  • Likes, reposts, shares, and posts on social media 

Now,  as you know most of the essentials about digital identities, let’s talk about recent news.

Swedish IT company SITA announced that it is bringing up to the front its devotion to building a solid digital identity to substitute passports for air travel. Over the year SITA has turned to be a premium member and participant of Sovrin Found, a global non-commercial organization that is concentrated on developing independent digital identity.

How you protect your digital identity on your own? 

These permanent digital identities will provide the timeless, mobile identity of human beings, company, organization, or object like passport, library card, and even airline ticket. They offer certain verifiable credentials that also protect your identity and privacy. To open your personal information, a digital identity would only need to use a technology of facial recognition. 

SITA stated ids decision to support this idea will help quicken the development of a solid digital identity that is recognized by all governments, airports, and airlines all over the world to travel by air. The company believes that in the nearest future digital identity will become accepted everywhere and it will replace a paper passport. This way air traveling will become much easier and people are going to feel secure showing their private data to proper parties like a frontier office. 

Among other advantages is downsized arrivals infrastructure that opens up new possibilities to enhance the current airport acceptance rate with the help of design and not widening of territories. Combined work of the Sovrin Foundation with SITA is going to play a big role in letting out that potential. 

Moreover, SITA cooperates with governments, airports, and airlines to build and offer the great benefits of travel using only a solid digital identity. 

SITA is a well-known IT company that works with the air transport sphere. The company’s developments and technologies are implemented in at least 1,000 airports and it offers effective technology solutions to approximately 40 governments globally. 

How you protect your digital identity on your own? 

Of course,  there is no one quick and simple solution to protect your digital identity, however, we can offer you some tips that can ensure your data attributes from identity thieves. Among them: 

  • Come up with unique and strong passwords for each of your accounts;
  • Do not show your Social Security number to every online platform or organization that requests it;
  • Do not show your login credentials to unknown people;
  • Protect your home Wi-Fi with a strong password;
  • Always make sure that you are using a safe network of VPN when you are shopping, banking or doing other transactions online; 
  • Shred all your discarding documents that have your personal information.

Nowadays, the digital world offers huge convenience and makes our everyday lives easier in different ways. Through quick access to social media networks and even bank accounts connects all humanity in a way that many of us could not imagine the decade before. Despite this connectivity, it is crucial to remember that if there is access then there are going to be trade-offs.  Thus, protecting your digital identity is quite an important task.