How artificial intelligence is transforming the future of digital marketing


Today the rapid development of information technologies and ideas of artificial intelligence has led to the highly specialized and wider use of intelligent systems in many fields of science and business, particularly in digital marketing. The main reason for such rapid changes was the globalization of economic processes and increased competition in the markets, prompting the search for new tools to attract consumers.

Artificial intelligence in digital marketing

Artificial intelligence includes innovative technologies based on created algorithms, automatic learning, and neural networks. This is the way to manage processes that human labor operated to the machine, without the participation of humans. 

Personalisation with AI

To structure and rank the data about users, the digital marketer can benefit from using tools with embedded artificial intelligence which select exactly the data that is needed at the right time specifically to resolve complex marketing problems and to predict the result. As an example, AI can determine and tell the specialist which services and goods are needed for the target consumer, the time during which the user makes purchases, interests, and tone of voice communications to which he is accustomed. 

With the help of Big Date, forecasts are done, this is one of the most important areas of the use of artificial intelligence. The marketing forecast, built on the basis of such an analysis, becomes the basis for an effective company strategy in marketing. 

Digital marketing includes Internet marketing, but, unlike the second, it is not only limited to Internet technologies. The use of digital marketing involves the use of an integrated approach to the promotion of its products in a digital environment, covering both online and offline users.

The pace in marketing can be overwhelming. Marketers need any support that helps them work faster and smarter. For teams that want to change their approach to digital marketing, AI has a lot to offer.

Personalization with AI

Personalization occurs when interacting with each client is individualized. Artificial intelligence allows digital marketers to communicate with customers through individual messaging. 

Due to AI-based personalization, three main improvements are distinguished in email marketing.

Personalised emails

The unique feature of this improvement is that although emails are sent to a wide group of clients, they are fully personalized. AI automatically associates customers with relevant services, propositions, and content. Such personalized emails are a great attraction that brings more customers to the site.

Time management

Due to automatically checking the time of sending the letter, artificial intelligence optimizes the distribution time so that each recipient’s email is sent at the most suitable and viewable time for the customer.

Predictive analytics

AI provides predictive analytics that can manage specific company aims.

Targeted predictive analytics are:

  • selection of similar products, and as a result, making the coverage of targeted campaigns wider;
  • the predictable stage of the product life cycle, as a result, saving on risk-prone customers and interacting with customers based on their own unique purchase cycle;
  • a forecast for the variety of products or services that simplifies the purchase process giving a client what he needs at the right time.

AI learning technologies

Artificial intelligence
Artificial intelligence

Automatic learning is artificial intelligence new improvement that allows machines to learn without human involvement. They are a unique tool for companies to personalize and create unique content, optimize workflows and distribution. 

Automatic learning determines which types of data is automatically collected and which algorithms a machine should learn, thereby creating different data contexts. Data collection in real-time allows AI learning algorithms to manage ideas at a time when certain interactions occur.

Improvement of content

Automatic learning is a great tool for digital marketing to determine exactly what type of content marketers need to create so that interacting with the target audience would be at a high level.

Improved customer service

For digital marketers, automatic learning is well-used in responding and informing customers via the Internet. An example of this is the growing use of chatbots as customer service platforms. Via chatbots machines can give the needed information to a customer and respond to people’s requests. The more questions they receive, the better the quality of service.

Budget changes

Automatic learning can make digital marketing more effective and at the same time more economic for companies. With the database in real-time, companies target the needs of the clients and increase the chances of turning visitors into paying users. In addition, AI learning by machines makes lower costs on marketing as programs need less human involvement.


Artificial intelligence gives companies various ways and methods to develop a marketing plan, helps and removes a number of routine tasks in digital marketing. The development of artificial intelligence systems, big data processing systems, and using machine learning suggests that revolutionary changes are still awaiting us in modern digital marketing in the coming years. However, the use of artificial intelligence in marketing is a complex process that must be skillfully integrated and used with precision, that is the best way to reach a new level.