Trading Platforms

Top 10 trading platforms.

Trading Platforms

To trade currency pairs, stocks, precious metals, and other assets of the stock market, you need high-quality software. It’s about trading platforms. Trading platforms are specialized computer programs that allow you to access the current stock quotes and carry out trading operations with their help.

The most primitive software provides the following features:

  • receiving current quotes from international exchanges;
  • displaying a graph of changes in the value of assets for a certain time;
  • the ability to open one order to buy a currency pair, stocks, metals or other positions.

To understand how and for what trading platforms are used, you need to understand how a trader decides whether to open a deal. Before opening an order, technical analysis is performed in order to make conclusions about how the asset will behave and when it is appropriate to buy or sell it. But in order to carry out the necessary calculations, you need a database. At this moment we came to what distinguishes the best trading platforms from other competitors.

Firstly, it is about stability. It actually includes a number of factors such as reliable and timely display of current quotes, 24/7 availability, high bandwidth, volumes of server capacity, lack of sticking, and braking. The best trading platforms offer not only a high-quality background but also a wide range of functionalities for individual interface settings and technical analysis.

Another crucial point is technical support. This criterion actually determines how effective technical analysis will be. Some trading platforms have built-in analytic tools. Good trading platforms require the integration of additional elements. Here we are talking about indicators that are created by third-party developers.

One more important process is controlling transactions. Good trading platforms allow you automatically to carry out most of the actions. For example, to close a deal when it reaches the desired level, to set a stop-loss and do other things that in summary will significantly increase the profitability of trading in the stock market.

You can find quite a lot of offers of trading platforms on the network. However, it is important to choose a platform that allows you immediately to send an application directly to a specific exchange platform that is called direct market access. The fewer intermediate servers are on the way to the exchange, the less the delay and the risk of the broker being untidy when processing an order. Let’s see which of them really deserve attention and which trading platform is best suited for the stock market.



Spotware company was established by Andrey Pavlov. He collected industry experience with the history of over 100 years. The aim of the company is to create and supply applications for traders all over the world.

The first launched product, cTrader, offers essential solutions for real problems. Because of simplicity in using it is valuable for banks, their clients, and brokers. Today trading platform solution of cTrader relies on great amount of traders all over the world as its approach rises brand appearance.

cTrader has a number of useful trading features.

Quick implementation

Traders estimate cTraders speed and quality at the highest level as speed of execution is within a few milliseconds. Moreover, it proposes simultaneously to make executions of several orders without a queue.

High protection

Advanced protection allows leading positions of profit as well as setting break-even. As a fact, it leads to scale positions at different levels.

Opportunities for an advanced performance

A smart algorithm of stopping-out makes the position protected and, at the same time, gives the opportunity to recover in the failed event.  On the other hand, a function of fair stopping-out closes the biggest margin for the taken position. Such a method releases the necessary margin for protecting positions that have remained.

2. ZagZig

ZagZig LTD
ZagZig LTD

ZagZig company was established in 2019. Since then, it has provided full solutions for Forex and CFD brokers. ZagZig is remarkable for its functionality, design, and execution as well as the quality of its product. In order to manage high-quality service, the team analyzes sales and marketing aspects of the product. Charts are based on analytics that, consequently, allows a client to better understand trading aspects.

Solutions that are offered by ZagZig are CRM, web trading terminal, academy of education, and a client area. Access to trading platforms is 24/7. No matter what device is used by a client as trading platforms are available both on PC and mobile devices. In the client area, you will find real and demo accounts, verification, history of every accounts’ trade, and loyalty bonuses. 

ZagZig trading platform successfully combines full functionality for professional traders, flexibility, and simplicity, which will satisfy the needs of novice investors. Flexible scalability, the ability to customize the expiration dates, forms of binary options, and payout percentage are distinguishing features of the platform.



Leverate provider was found in 2007 and is one of the leaders in service providing in the brokerage industry. Leverate is valued for its efficiency of its services and customer support that is available 24/7. Leverate has four offices all over the world and is a multinational organization. 

Among their products is trading platforms, Sirix, MT4 White Label solution. Leverate platform is that very brokerage solution that involves front-end elements, back-office, and server support. For brokerage beginners, Leverate provides low-cost service in order to give the opportunity to build up from scratch. Packages are based on what customer prefers to do (sales, marketing, etc) and performs it in the best way.

Another product of Leverate Sirix Venture includes Sirix server, trading platform with a package of back-end tools, Sirix broker. That gives Forex brokers all the necessary tools for making up business in profit. Crypto and copy trading opportunities by award-winning platforms empower the solution of its clients. Essential characteristics of Sirex are friendly interface, data on a dashboard, fast execution, chart analysis. It is used on Mobile as well as on the Web.

When we talk about Leverate products, here is important to mention its advanced regulation services and experienced management with the knowledge needed to set up successfully authorized Forex brokerage. Leverate provides solutions to operate the required business model and decide on the commissions. Its motto is “your success is our success” that can guarantee their effort to provide you with tools for success.


Popcorn tech
Popcorn tech

Popcorn tech is a platform that provides a complete trading solution for both start-up businesses and established ones. It ensures companies succeed in white label brokerage and supports clients’ technical and marketing needs which include white label services, CRM, 24/7 availability, back-office, and affiliate systems, the complete website of the brand, broker solutions, etc.

Characteristics of services provided by PopcornTech and make brokerage business efficient are:

  • Back office. It is a web-based area for traders to make the process of trading comfortable and simple. All the data about cooperation with other users is saved and displayed in one place. 
  • Trading platform. Popcorn trading platform is distinguished by its advanced technology, security for traders and ability to control the market, flexible buying and selling. Trading platform is accessible on PC, mobile and tablet.
  • Affiliate system. Regardless of the scale of a clients’ company, the main feature here is good quality of leads. Affiliate system of PopcornTech allows to track the leads, control how they perform and provide assistance to the sales management.
  • Branded website. A client can choose any template on the website, which PopcornTech then customizes, creates a desired content and attracts new audience. 



Backpack, after 7 years of researching and development, now takes a leader position in solutions for customers in the financial and trading industry. It involves six technologies as a solution to support more than 60 financial companies and work with various needs of the capital market industry.

A device platform, named Web trader and Mobile Front-end, is made with HTML5 technology known for its accessibility and speed. Such innovations give its clients an opportunity to see all information and data that are reported in one place. Through its interface, a client can manage a variety of data of Backpack modules. That involves trading activities, marketing, revenues, and so on.

Backpack CRM includes:

  • technology of lead scoring as well as retention of leads and clients;
  • function of sorting leads;
  • tags applied to records with a chance to filter;
  • automated lead distribution;
  • documents upload; 
  • drag and drop feature.

Solutions by Backpack are all-in-one for MT4, MT5 and WOW trader.

Platform as a function of tracking IB’s, affiliate discussions, and volume. Clients can analyze funnels, optimize investments, as well as lead setup implementation basing on infrastructure, rates, and tempos. The backpack is distinguished by its active tracking, secure interface, flexible plans of commission, modularity, full service for customers. Backpack supports customer’s needs and their business growth rate.



Tech financials is one of the leaders in the trading market that leads the tokenization of assets by inventing a new way of blockchain. Due to using unique financial instruments, the platform delivers innovative services and products for a profitable business. The main tools for the trading of assets are tokenization, smart contracts as well as blockchain technologies. Techfinancials’s way of establishing started in early 2017.

Techfinancials provides blockchain and brokerage technologies. With powerful Techfinancials infrastructure, they took one of the leading places in developing blockchain projects. Within main software organizations in the world such as microservices, integration, and delivery, they build up solutions based on blockchain for the fintech market and integrated new concepts of software. Technology infrastructure is made for tangible and intangible users. Among the clients’ service, there are user engagement, customer onboarding, AML, compliance. In addition, Techfinancials CRM system of blockchain technology involves billing service, payments of assets, wallets, financial compliance.

Blockage technology is perfect for online brokers and exchanges. Portfolio of products for Forex, mass market, ladder variations, MetaTrader 5 are in access through the shared wallet.

TechFinancials infrastructure is well-arranged with WordPress site, CRM, hosting services, BI (analytics and reporting), and adequate pricing engine, retention instruments and conversion tools. It provides a guarantee for clients to generate a renovated source of revenue and fast tap new fields of the market.



B2Broker mostly is specialized on the cryptocurrency. Such trading systems as MT5, MT4, PrimeXM, White Label, B2Trader, OneZero are used in B2Broker. 

B2Broker operates liquidity for cryptocurrency, FX, CFD offering solutions to structure established companies’ workflows, gives a chance for start-up businesses to get profitable positions among experienced brokers.  

B2Broker remains the main platform for exchanges of crypto, proposing banks and other clients multiple liquidities. It claims on the professionalism of clients’ solutions and conditions that will expand their conversion rates and product range. B2BBroker has a multinational team including more than 120 workers.

There are three platform models for investment. They are called PAMM, MAM, and social trading. Depending on the model, traders can manage their individual funds with a previously selected fee. In PAMM profits and losses are divided equally among investors. In social trading, investors can at any time close their accounts and trade on them. MAM management tools are flexible for executing accounts of investors.

Minimum commission, 24/7 support, market indicators, high-speed engine, zero deviations are the most remarkable benefits that can be achieved using B2Broker.



Tradologics is a leading provider of a trading platform for binary options and solutions in the field of finance and gambling. The company appeared on the market in 2008. The head office of the company is in Bulgaria, and its branches are all over the world. Number of employees currently exceeds 200 people.

In 2013, Tradologics, together with one of the largest brokers in Japan FXTrade Financial, developed the platform of the same name.

In 2014, the company won the Best Binary Service Provider Award at FOREX Magnates London Summit 2014.

Such large brokers as OptionBit, Cedar Finance and ZoomTrader have build their business model on this trading platform.

Advantages of the Tradologics platform are:

  • High-tech interface and a variety of skins

To meet the individual needs of the trader, the platform has the ability to choose among 8 skins. Taking into account the usability and beauty of the design, each of the skins is specially designed. The clarity of the interface will be appealing for beginners.

  • Cross platform solutions

The trader’s terminal is available for all types of devices including personal computers, tablets, and mobile devices.

  • Variety of trading tools and features

The terminal implements advanced features for a trader such as the ability to execute several transactions at the same time, the choice of the expiration date of a binary option, etc.

  • The ability of the platform’s integration 

The Tradologics trading platform successfully integrates with the MetaTrader, 4 platforms of MetaQuotes, and Sirix of Leverate.

  • Large selection of trading instruments

The platform allows the trader to open deals with numerous instruments. The list of instruments includes currency pairs, stocks, indices and raw materials.



The history of trading platform began in 2008 when Australia’s first software was created and opened up opportunities for investors for online trading. The company introduced a unique product, but could not make every effort to stay on the market. Starting from 2015, the developer again returned to the Tradesmarter trading platform, upgrading its functionality, capabilities, and interface. From that moment, traders in Asia and America actively began to use the terminal in order to implement their investment strategies in the binary options markets.

Opportunities for the traders include a wide range of asset closure, simultaneous viewing of options and charts, the presence of additional functions (high-income options, insurance, etc.), quick search, possibility to close the transaction before the expiration date of the option.

The “Risk-O-Metter” function offers investors independently to choose the ratio of risk and estimated profit. For example, receiving 90% of the income on the condition of a profitable transaction and a return of 15% in case of failure.

The Strategix trading panel includes exotic types of options for those who already consider themselves a guru in classical trading. Innovative tools and convenient access to the panel allow the most dexterous and successful traders to make changes in the option price in accordance with the desired volume of payout.

Another feature of the trading platform is the presence of the “Social trading” function, which is popular among trading platforms for Forex trading. The presented rating of other trading participants and the results of their transactions allow its users to copy successful strategies (profitable transactions are marked with green marks) and learn lessons from defeats.



When it comes to this platform, the first thing critics pay attention to is age. The tool was developed in 2012. They use many years of industry experience to provide customers with the best in software and service.

As it is said, Airsoft provides customers with a trading platform for cryptocurrency. Its characteristics are electronic wallet, customer balance, mobile app, one-click trading, making up own portfolio, tradable assets, tabs, different kinds of charts with indicators, easily accessible trading from their web platform and individual projects.

Airsoft has the following opportunities:

  • Solutions for crypto, CFD and Forex;
  • Services of networking, marketing, lead generation, business operations, and getting to know suppliers, partners;
  • Setting up their existing products and platforms.

Information in Airsoft CRM is shown on the dashboard with automatic notifications and push notifications for customers (chats, emails, private messages are directly sent to the operator). As a result, it satisfies users’ business needs. Risk tools are under the supervision of the risk management service. In addition to multicurrency and a variety of languages, CRM covers analysis, reporting systems, billing and affiliate systems, over 40 alerts, detailed customer cards, and possibility for users to make promotions.