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How marketers can etch out meaningful digital marketing campaign

Digital Marketing

The global economy is becoming slack under the pressure of the coronavirus crisis. However, while many countries and states open step by step, it becomes crucial for marketers to use the approaching surge in consumption since many people will go outside use different services, and buy minor products. 

However, the situation is not quite a business. To use the opportunity for the best, marketers have to discover how to formulate strong digital marketing campaigns during and after the pandemic. For now, all preventive approaches to sell products and services in a new reality where trust, purchasing possibilities, and physical access are degraded. 

  • The branding bump is impending

At first, ask yourself “why is it happening right now?”. These days, marketers should seize the opportunity to readjust their digital campaigns while many countries are emerging from their lockdown for the first time. Consumers have been locked away for several months in a row without access to discretionary goods and services, and unable to take part in public events. 

The situation in some countries, where the quarantine measures have been already lifted, shows that people ate still cautious to leave their homes even when there is no lockdown.  Experts believe that after the lift of lockdown we should be ready for a sudden rise in interest in goods and services all over the world. However, the rise will be mostly concentrated on goods and services that can be ordered through online or delivery services. 

Thus, many brands will have to readjust their products and campaigns accordingly to the global situation. To use this bump in demand to the fullest, they will need to think about new ways to deliver their services to people, even using new technology. 

  • Improve your budgets and costs
Improve your budgets and costs
Improve your budgets and costs

While the world is facing a crisis, most businesses and marketing agencies are giving it one hundred and ten percent to stay afloat. Under these circumstances, revenue might be limited like customers’ budgets.  

Marketers will have to be attentive at their budgeting priorities and find resources to zones where they can get the best return on investment. Social media campaigns, online ads, and collaborations with influences provide low-cost alternatives to popular ad channels like television. Marketers have to advance the pivot towards the digital world mainly because digital campaigns provide promising value even you have issues with resources. 

Nowadays especially popular collaborations with influences. The drop in CPV and CPC revenue only means that even influences are searching for ways to enhance their outreach. As a result, marketers will have the possibility to benefit from these collaborations with more name drops, product positioning, and positive reviews. 

  • Specify and address varying consumer needs

Nowadays, consumers have completely different needs and focus even in comparison with six months ago. Thus, all those marketing methods that worked in 2019, do not work in 2020 anymore. 

Reclassify customers
Reclassify customers 

Branding of sports events, flashmobs, and eve halls of influencer malls are not effective anymore because any public spaces trigger suspicion in people. Now, consumers live in the digital world more than ever. This situation reflects in huge growth in user engagement across various digital platforms. 

Statistics show that consumers who stay at home have completely different needs and focus that digital marketers can and should use to their advantage. Some clothing companies are using AR technology to offer a virtual fitting room. If a customer likes what he or she sees in the digital preview he or she can make an order. Thus, engagement at all levels with customers plays a big role. 

Moreover, while everyone has issues with resources, customer focus has also changed. Palpable product value matters a lot. Thus, more and more customers are starting to ignore aspirational products and focus more on tangible once. This requests from digital marketing campaigns to readjust their focus. They should try to concentrate on the most working product lineups rather than on aspirational SKUs.

While the release timing was accidental;, the latest launch of Surface Go 2 from Microsoft is a great example. Consumers think this product is tangible, it has practical value in the amount of $399 that has almost the same functions as a laptop for $2,000. 

  • Reclassify customers 

These days more and more digital brands try to see market segmentation in a new and more effective way to mirror the current situation in the best way.  In parallel with traditional psychographic and demographic factors like education and income level, brands are trying to come up with new consumer segmentation according to risk appetite. 

Those consumers who have the highest risk appetites are more prone to leave home and purchase goods and services in persons as soon as quarantine will end. They are more likely to use risky services like eating out at some restaurants. Those consumers who have lower risk appetite will be more interested in using online stores, home delivery, and, most importantly, activities with minimum contact. 

Now no one can tell for sure when coronavirus and lockdown will end. However, marketers still need to think of new ways to adapt according to realities and implement effective digital marketing strategies.