Influencer Marketing

Use Influencer Marketing as a Force Multiplier For Knowledge Commerce

Influencer Marketing

One of the best ways to use social media for your business is to collaborate with influencers. Practice shows that people who already have a certain audience can help your business improve the level of engagement with your target audience.

Moreover, influencer marketing is a great way to enhance audience trust, create revenue, and support positive, meaningful, and sales-driven communication for your business. However, if you pick the wrong influencer you will only waste your effort, money, and time. Thus, always choose your influencers wisely. To success, you can try: 

A complex view on how to properly focus on influencer marketing

Choose criteria for possible social influencers
Choose criteria for possible social influencers

At any time, influencer marketing should be supported by a strong strategy and the proper objectives. When should you dusty the influencer marketing campaign that will come in addition to your campaigns? Are there any effective frameworks that can help in making decisions? What should you expect from the collaboration with an influencer? 

Many brands make use of influencer marketing without even thinking through how these types of campaigns should work for business and when they should do it. Remember that collaboration with influencers can be good at any time, however, you can benefit even more when you are going to use the specific time when your standard marketing campaign could use extra voices to the brand’s communication. Or:

  • When is the right time to study the influencer marketing campaign that will go in addition to your campaigns? 
  • When your audience can be called homogeneous, collaboration with influencers can work even better. However, if you have an unrelated audience, you will have to use quite different levels of communication and types of influencers to reach them. 
  • When social listening provides general dependence from peers or authority among your audiences, influencers can do a great job here.
  • When insensible audiences need some softening to become more engaged before an expensive brand campaign, influencers can help here. 
  • When your brand has a low level of trust or strong resistance or even had some failures, influencers can persuade better your audience than you. 
  • When influencers tell better about your brand story than you, this will help your brand become less boastful and more refined. 
  • When the interest for brand lowers because of competitors or seasonality problems, the awakening of the target audience by influencer might be the best solution here. 
  • The chosen influencer is an influencer and not your brand spokesman

You should always remember one important detail when think of planning a collaboration with an influencer, that influencer is never your brand spokesman or ambassador. Moreover, an influencer should not have to be on the same wave with your brand voice. 

After all, there are times when your influencer would do a better job using his or her proper voice as kind of a juxtaposition to your brand voice. There are even situations when influencers may argue with your brand to get the target audience more interested. Everything is just about your strategy. 

Thus, always think in advance how you will use the chosen influencer. Will you ask your influencer to undermine your opponents, to support your brand, to give pieces of advice to your customers, or to push them for certain decisions like choosing your brand that they have not previously seen? 

How you choose criteria for shortlisting possible social influencers?

Most sole entrepreneurs, who only start looking for influencers, are easily charmed by sometimes seeming social power of the influencers they are interested in. Thus, they forget to think from the perspective of their brands, business goals, and values. Although, it is easily understood how it can happen. 

In many cases, solo entrepreneurs are only starting or promising entrepreneurs while the chosen influencers are already established participants with bigger and stronger authority.  Willing or not, the behavior of solo entrepreneurs to influencers can be respectful until they remind themselves that they have more power while hiring those influencers to promote their product or service. 

  • Recognize your business goals and set in the same way goals for influencers

It is a fact that every brand and business is unique. Moreover, every brand possesses a certain tone of voice, value, and image. You even might have a certain marketing campaign on your social channel than influencers will have to support. Or you can search for influencers only for general pushing brand presence and your social efforts. 

Regardless of your objectives, the chosen influencers have to match to the given task.  In case if you need influencers to push your brand engagement and awareness, they should have enough experience to do that. If you need them to promote a certain marketing objective or event, they also should know how to do it. 

However, not all influencers can be used for different reasons and times. Some of them can only quickly get interested in your brand, but can not promote your event. Others can be only useful for quick promotions, but useless for long-term brand development. 

And to top it all, the influencer has to know how to develop promotional content that can be added to your main marketing objectives. Good content is not just about smart and composed words but also about content that can find a connection to people in a subtle or not so way so that your brand objective could be fulfilled. 

Remember to look among your customers or users for potential influencers. Thus, thoroughly study your social channels, and find out if you can reach for users who are on a regular basis are liking and commenting on your posts. 

Moreover, find out if you have followers who feel close to your brand and speak in a similar tone of voice or located in the same area you need for the campaign. Specifically, find whether you have active customers who are excited and support the discussion among other customers you have online. 

  • Once you shortlist potential influencers, think about ranking them according to your priority criteria

Based on your priorities, you need to systematize your possible influencers in accordance with their correlation to your needs, your budget, and other possible variants. 

Think through whether your top influencers have been chosen according to your needs or maybe you need to think about small influencers? Are you ready to spend a lot of capital on several influencers or maybe you seed your messages various influencers and clutch? 

When you decide on your options you will find our that many influencers can be divided into some certain groups. At first, you possess the power of middles, who have a big and supportive number of followers, however, they still need to think about quality. Then, there is always an elite group that offers a great balance between quality and quantity. All in all, there are also top-top influencers that have only 5% from the group. 

3 helpful tactics to remember when you communicate with chosen influencers

How to communicate with influencers
How to communicate with influencers

Always remember about the type of outreach to your influencers. Most top influencers can easily distinguish amateur and professional marketers, only looking at the type of approach the marketer uses. This helps to discover what influencers think about the brands and their marketers with whom they work with. 

It helps to know how influencers evaluate the brands and marketers they’d like to work with. Evolve strategy on the best way to gain your profit.  

  • Most influencers will need an official email address that you can request from them when you sent them business;
  • When you communicate with the influencer through direct messaging or email, try to as open and authentic as you can be
  • Do not be deflated if some of the chosen influencers ignore your messages at first.  Good influencers are always popular


Influencer marketing is one of the best ways to promote your social media these days. It is much easier to communicate with audiences with the help of a third-party. 

Discover whether your target audience is following some of the choose influencers and then choose your influencers on this information. 

Narrow down your influencers not only by their social power but also by what they can offer to your brand and goals.

Do not think that influencers are making you and your business a favor. Always be confident when you communicate with influencers

Always think through what influencer will suit your brand and who will not, and how your collaboration should work in addition to your basic social marketing.