New iOS Update

The new iOS 13.5 update turned into a nightmare for users

New iOS Update

IOS 13.5 firmware for iPhone and iPad has caused a sharp increase in battery consumption. And for some users, its installation caused a cyclic reboot of devices. In some cases, the operation of the video player was disrupted, and even resetting to the factory settings is not able to solve all the problems. 

Problems after installing the new version

New iOS Update
New iOS Update

Owners of Apple mobile devices began to complain massively about problems with them after installing the new version of iOS. As media resources write, the iPad and iPhone cease to work stably after updating the firmware to version 13.5.

IOS gadget owners attacked Apple’s official Twitter tech support account (@AppleSupport) with complaints. Most often, users reported problems with a fast battery drain, but some of them encountered a more serious defect – a cyclic reboot of the device. According to the Apple Insider resource, this most often happens on 10.5-inch iPads – tablets spontaneously reboot after 30-45 seconds after a full system boot. Owners of the 11-inch iPad Pro also faced a similar crash.

No solution to the problem yet

At the time of publishing the material, iOS version 13.5 was the latest version of the Apple mobile platform – it was released on May 20, 2020. Apple is already aware of how many shortcomings appeared in its latest firmware, but there have not yet been official confirmations from it. It only asks users to clarify the operating time of devices on a single charge. It follows that the release date of the update that fixes them does not yet exist.

Users have not yet managed to overcome the shortcomings of the update on their own. According to them, even resetting to factory settings does not solve the problem with reboots and increased battery consumption, as well as putting the iPad or iPhone into DFU mode.

Installing an older version of iOS instead of 13.5 is also no longer possible. On May 27, 2020, Apple stopped signing iOS and iPadOS versions 13.4.1, which means that users who install the 13.5 version will have to put up with its bugs until the company releases the required update.

Another iOS 13.5 issue

According to Forbes, installing iOS 13.5 on an iPhone or iPad leads to another failure. On these devices, playback of videos recorded in MP4 format “breaks”. According to the publication, users lost the ability to watch their videos using both the standard player and third-party players, including NPlayer and InFuse.

This issue migrated to iOS 13.5 from earlier firmware versions. For example, on the official Apple forum, a user under the pseudonym rrive1 complained about it on April 9, 2020, saying that it appeared in iOS 13.4 and 13.4.1. A user of the same MaxIta83 resource spoke about this even earlier, on March 26, 2020.

A similar topic was raised on the forum MacRumors profile resource dedicated to Apple products. More than ten users have confirmed the existence of video playback problems. According to Forbes, Apple recognized this flaw in its firmware. Meanwhile, the company does not disclose the terms for its elimination.

Despite the overall poor build quality of iOS 13.5, Apple strongly recommends that all owners of its mobile devices switch to it as soon as possible. It argues this with the fact that previous versions of the firmware contain a scattering of dangerous vulnerabilities.

Not the most stable update version


These include a gap that appeared at least in version 3.1.3 a decade ago. As CNews reported, it became known on May 15, 2020.

The vulnerability is hidden in the corporate mail client Mail and allows you to remotely hack the iPhone and gain access to personal information. At that time, Apple did not want to acknowledge this problem and, under the threat of hacking, there were more than 900 million iPhones worldwide.

Many media portals have noted that version 13.5 may be the worst iOS update in recent years. In this regard, he advises the owners of Apple gadgets not to rush to download it, because the company has not yet begun to fix errors.

Apple released a new version of the iOS 13.5 operating system at the end of May. According to the developers, it was designed to simplify the use of a smartphone during the coronavirus pandemic.

On May 19, it was reported that the American company Apple will postpone the presentation of new iPhone models for a month due to the coronavirus pandemic, which had a negative impact on the operation of factories.

As a rule, the presentation of Apple takes place every year in mid-September, and sales of new products begin before the end of the month.

Similar cases

Earlier in late May 2020, similar cases occurred with problems in the operation of user devices after the update by other OS manufacturers and developers of various software.

For example, many users of Asus smartphones and tablets were not able to work in the Chrome browser after it was updated to version 83. The application began to crash, there were also problems with custom Chrome tabs. In other Google applications, Asus gadget users also observed freezes and various errors that occurred, for example, Gmail, Google Assistant and Google Search stopped working. Google promises to fix the problem.

In addition, users of Windows 10 began to complain that after installing the KB4556799 update, they had problems playing sound on the system. Also, some users after installing this update and rebooting lost all files, shortcuts and documents from the desktop.

On May 26, 2020, Apple confirmed to TechCrunch that there really was a bug in iOS that prevented some user applications from opening. This issue has now been fixed.