Digital Marketing

Is digital marketing important?

Digital Marketing

The promotion of products and services using advanced digital technologies is called digital marketing. It covers all possible marketing efforts that are made within digital technologies and are delivered through digital channels such as websites, search engines, e-mails, social networks, and mobile applications.

With the development of new technologies and the predominance of digital marketing, companies are doing everything possible to keep pace in the industry. Businesses either change their marketing strategies’ plans to digital or strengthen existing ones using digital advertising techniques. And the question that may arise here is why digital marketing has become so important to the business.

7 reasons why digital marketing matters

There are several significant reasons that prove the importance of digital marketing.

Сost-effective way of promotion

Today brands are looking for ways to reduce costs on marketing. Digital marketing is a perfect way that provides the best opportunity for brand promotion to a wider audience with a relatively lower budget. Digital marketing is one of the most cost-effective marketing channels that deliver results in the shortest possible time. As a fact, when companies use email marketing to promote their products, they actually spend very little, while reaching millions of users. In a traditional marketing system, it is impossible to reach such a mass of people with such a modest budget. 

When in traditional marketing creating and distributing posters or flyers in the region is a one-time investment, content on the website can attract targeted visitors for many years at no additional cost. 

That is why more and more organizations are choosing digital marketing as an option for more efficient use of their marketing budget.

Result-oriented way

Result-oriented way
Result-oriented way

Brands can monitor each movement, analyze the results, and look for other ways within the same digital system. If a specific keyword doesn’t work, then a SEO specialist can quickly identify this problem using special tools and implement the new keywords that are more appealing in the search engine. Traditional marketing processes don’t provide such accurate and result-oriented advertising tools.

Another advantage is statistics. If a marketer uses, for example, Google AdSense, he has a tool that allows him to receive full reports on the results. These tools make advertising campaigns more successful and targeted.

Effective branding method

Due to SEO, social media, online publications and reviews, brands’ products, and services are gaining wider acceptance by the customers in the market. No other branding method can be compared in terms of effectiveness with digital marketing.  People now view the company’s presence on the Internet as an important aspect of brand reliability. If the product or service is not found on the Internet, the client is more likely to think of the unreliability of the company and  choose another company instead.

High conversions

The goal of digital marketing is to increase business revenue. According to Google’s study, digital marketing helps most companies get higher returns than their non-digital competitors. The success of a digital marketing campaign depends on the conversion rate. The conversion itself shows how many visitors of a business site actually turn into customers. Higher conversion means increased sales. The business site’s conversion rate can only increase when it is seen as more traffic to the site. Later it turns into growing subscribers, leads, and sales of brand products or services.

A website can attract thousands of visitors every day, but if a very small percentage of this traffic is turned into customers, this digital marketing campaign is not properly planned. 

Increasing number of regular clients

Digital marketing improves customer engagement in real-time through social networks, e-mails, and so on. Firstly, customers will learn about important aspects of the business. Secondly, a business is able to receive feedback from its customers very fast. This engagement process helps the organization to create a sense of oneness with the business and to increase brand loyalty.

Mobile access

Mobile oriented
Mobile oriented

Almost 75% of Google Chrome users now have access to the Internet on mobile devices. Mobiles give access to social networking, e-shopping, and applications of the brands that are all a basis of digital marketing strategies. Moreover, the availability of mobile Internet is steadily growing, which helps companies with well-planned digital marketing plans to achieve even greater market penetration and to distribute their services to numerous smartphone and tablet users.

Competition at any level

This is another interesting aspect. A small business has the opportunity to compete with a large one without worrying about its strength. In the era of newspapers and television, such an opportunity was not possible.

People on websites are often looking for information about the seller’s works, buyers’ reviews in the forums, and comments on services, etc. In this case, business investment, a huge warehouse, a strong dealer network do not matter much, and companies of the small, medium, and large businesses get the same chance to conquer the market.


Most companies focus on a digital marketing strategy to accelerate business growth through an instantaneous effect. Currently, brands are increasingly interested in this opportunity and hire their own specialists or consultants to achieve excellence on the Internet and to plan a more effective strategy. Every day new concepts and new functions appear, innovative tools are added both in SEO and SMM. Without the assistance of professionals, it is impossible to keep track of trends and use digital marketing to 100%.

Undoubtedly, digital marketing is the future of business. The Internet will be the main medium for business in the future, that is, people will use it for almost all business operations, including B2B and B2C. This process has begun and will only intensify over time. Organizations that understand this essence of business will be soon ahead of their closest competitors on the market.