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Time and time again, many successful digital agencies prove that the location and distance between them and the client do not matter when it comes to matters of the good and efficient final product.  Main features of effective digital agency:

  • strong professionalism

If the agency wants to survive in a strong competition (because there are a lot of digital agencies all over the world), it has to have a team of active and experienced young professionals who ready to learn and improve their weak spots;

  • out-of-the-box thinking

If one agency does not come with a brilliant idea, then the other one will come up with it. Thus, the team members always should think of ways to see and use usual things and tools in a new light; 

  • strong communication skills 

No project will be successful if an agency does not connect with the client. The team has to hear and implement all client’s needs and improve existing issues.  

  • transparency in relationship

Every process, every decision should be clear as day for the client so that he or she will not have any second thoughts or questions.  Transparency is a guarantee of a strong relationship;

  • mentality of winners

The team always can try new and difficult projects forgetting of any doubtful thoughts. Even if some team members are not acquainted with certain nuances, teamwork can always smooth the issues and make the final product even better. 

  • supportiveness

The agency should be ready for situations when support is going to be needed even after the launch of the product. The quicker agency reacts, the bigger possibility client will come back with a new project. 

According to this list, we have compiled our list of strong digital agencies that know what they are doing on the market and how they should move forward so that their clients and they can keep up with trends and constant development of technologies. Among these digital agencies: 

1. Cleveroad


Cleveroad is an apps development company that has been supporting its customers all over the globe since 2014. The company concentrates on complex involvement and transparent relationship that add great value to help its customers get the right response from their target audiences. Moreover, Cleveroad’s team possesses a wide range of skills and flexible knowledge. As a result, they can work on projects at any level of difficulty. 

Since 2014, Cleveroad managed to become respected and trusted by its various clients. The team is always excited to have a long-term relationship with clients, thus they do their job to the fullest so that they will come back.

  • Cleveroad’s main mission is to provide effective technology solutions and support a productive long-term relationship.
  • Cleveroad’s values are being responsible for its delivered projects. Thus, the team always upgrades its skills and knowledge.
  • Cleveroad’s involvement is always on the point when it develops relationships with clients and team members.

Cleveroads’ main services:

  • Web development: the team develops responsive, accessible and secure web apps with great performance
  • Mobile development: Cleveroad’s experts create mobile solutions that help clients reach certain goals. 
  • UI/UX design: its UI/UX designers always follow the best platform standards and client’s objectives

Cleveroad’s team has expertise in:

  • Agriculture – Cleveroad uses technologies like Big Data refund and IoT to enhance clients’ revenue and plan their production
  • FinTech – The team provides in-depth insights from data, manages possible risks and offers strong banking solutions
  • Healthcare – Cleveroad has experts who know how to improve healthcare business with mHealth or EHR to streamline management
  • Logistics – The team perfection logistic chains and automatize warehouses with the help of technology
  • Real estate – The company provides solutions with strong analytics and MLS data
  • Travel and Hospitality – Cleveroad knows how to provide the best service to a guest by analyzing their search

2. Dewzilla

Dewzilla Website
Dewzilla Website

Dewzilla is a digital agency that can offer various relevant and effective solutions in the digital world. Apart from solutions, Dewzilla offers a full package of product development, in-house, creative and experienced developers and other professionals, strong communication with clients, and the latest technology. Among their services: 

  • CRM

Dewzilla offers effective CRM that provides a better level of engagement with the client’s leads and loyal customers, collects in-depth insights about the client’s business and develop a process for adjustable sales.

  • Software

The team of developers provides the best solutions at any difficulty level and stage of software development. They have numerous successful cases of development for various clients. 

  • Web 

Dewzilla’s development and design experts offer CMS development, website design, hosting services, domain registration, WordPress development, e-commerce web design. 

  • Brand

Dewzilla’s main goal is to develop a brand that has unique and expressive features so that it can be remembered by the target audience.  The team is always attentive to clients’ needs, goals, and passion they want to see in their brand. 

  • SEO

Dewzilla provides a sophisticated SEO program that fits different businesses’ digital marketing strategies. The team offers strong support to gain access to digital marketing technology and expertise that client needs. With the help of systematic planning and strategies for optimization, they provide the best solutions. 

  • SMM

Dewzilla’s team supports clients in engaging with more followers and attracting important influencers and as a result enhancing the business’s revenue. The team works with social media like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and Instagram and uses only the latest tools. 

  • PPC

Dewzilla is a devoted and data-driven company that helps clients in the optimization of their marketing campaigns and conversion of leads into sales in the quickest way possible. 

3. Nextpage.agency

Nextpage is a full-cycle digital design agency that is located in Ukraine. The agency was founded in 2014. Since then the team of professionals has worked with clients from more than 28 countries and in about 35 various industries. Nextpage helps in creating top-tier digital products and services and enhance brand presence with the help of effective and up-to-date digital solutions. 

Nextpage agency strives to develop, scale, and perfect digital products of its clients. Thanks to their experts who value individuality, creativity, and intelligence, the team knows how to provide the best solutions for different businesses from different countries. 

For the team’s great achievements the agency has received 8 valuable awards. The team always strives to connect businesses with their target audience so that both parties can be fully satisfied by the result. Thus, they always develop and support advanced and smart apps, websites, and design for distinguishing brand identity. Among their services: 

  • Web Development and Design – Nextpage’s team of qualified professionals develops top-tier mobile-friendly websites that offer users proper content and smart design and businesses good revenue.
  • Brand Identity – Nextpage’s designers create perfect visuals and top-quality brand strategies for small or new companies that wish to create or readjust their brand.
  • Mobile app development – Nextpage creates up-to-date and simple in use applications for iOS and Android with features of any kind.

All in all, Nextpage agency always aims to support its chosen companies and brands to get a strong, latest, and alluring image that would help them reach certain goals and make a profit. 

4. Dops.digital lab

Dops.digital lab is a young but promising digital company from Ukraine that offers a smart inclusive workplace. Since its foundation, dops.digital has had a huge number of successful cases for different global brands.  This is all thanks to its environment where clients and professionals can both develop and create the best solutions regardless of their culture, gender, age, sexual orientation, and even religion. Dops.digital lab has provided that it is a great place where curiosity, smartness, and creativity come together. 

Dops.digital has a team of experienced professionals who develop premium digital products with utmost preciseness according to the client’s needs. Their work is about smart solutions and effective latest technologies that can help businesses build and sustain their image on a local or global level.  

Dops.digital lab was founded in 2014 by two creative designers who want to invent new solutions and improve old ones. The office is located in Lviv, Ukraine. Thanks to its progressive outlook the company has many clients from all over the globe. 

The team members are talented people with great ambitions. They never follow common trends but create new ones. Thus, Dops.digital lab always looks for experts who think out of the box, who ready to develop and learn something new on a daily basis. Dops.digital lab consists of qualified strategists, designers, managers, and developers who ready to offer the best solutions to clients’ needs. Besides,  they regard each project as their own. Thus, every feature is developed and fixed down to the last detail.

Dops.digital lab mainly works on programming, development, web design management, analytics, branding, and support. 

They have worked with a big number of clients. Among them are Renewal, VISA,  Idea Development, FIFA, Designmark Group, Dee Zaster, Proximity, Keenethics, Hacker’s Mind, BBDO, Team for a product, Top salesmen, etc.

5. volta.one

Volta.one Website

Volta One is a digital agency that offers traditional views and outstanding services to its clients. The agency’s position has greatly changed with its development and discovering of new markets.  The team of experts knows how to combine interesting possibilities with professionalism in marketing to guarantee a strong presence in a certain market. Since 2016, not only Ukrainian but also foreign clients recognize the agency’s reliability and ready to continue or start new successful projects.


Before diving into any new project, the Volta One’s team starts with learning and making use of the client’s business goals and processes.  They always make sure that their job is done to the fullest extent and support the client even after the launch of a project if there is a need.

  • Web production

While working on banners, web apps, or websites, the team provides a possibility where form can be related to its essence. Thus, Volta One’s professionals mainly focus on developing digital products that can be strong support for business and marketing goals

  • Mobile production

While more and more people are using mobile phones, Volta One makes its job quicker and cheaper. Moreover, the agency has projects where their apps have outrun similar apps in Google Play and App Store and got more than 200 thousand downloads. Even after that, some apps stay at the top of their categories. 

  • Video production

These days no respected company goes without developing online video for its marketing processes. Volta One has been creating videos like tutorials, animations, and viral videos. Besides, their projects have seen 4 million people in only one year. With years this number does not drop. 

  • Design

Volta One is proud to have onboard professional designers who can cope with any project. Moreover, from the beginning until the finalization of the project they remember about the user’s involvement and balance between all details of the design. 

  • Marketing and Advertising

Volta Ones’s team knows how to cope with various strategy development and implementation, strong launches of more than one product on the market, advertising campaigns, SMM for local and global target audiences, and pushing marketing activities for world start-ups. 

6. Vintage

Vintage Website

Vintage is a Ukrainian digital agency. Since 2006, It is proud to develop websites for brands and businesses of any scale and sphere. Moreover, the agency has a team that enjoys doing their job.  They mostly work with corporate websites, online stores, landing pages, wow sites, high load portals and services, mobile apps, phygital projects, AR/VR solutions, market research, complex solutions, photo and video production, digital strategy. 

Best Ukrainian web production

Vintage agency works with three simple rules:

  • Develop the market;
  • learn and teach;
  • inspire others.

According to Awwwards Vintage is among the 30 best digital agencies all over the world. In terms of web production. Volta One is among the best 5 agencies in the globe. Vintage mixes creativity with strategic web marketing. The agency lays down standards on the web development market by developing significant products. Vintage has a big team of 400 experts who are ready for any challenges

Since the foundation of the agency, the team has collected distinguishing creative and managerial experience that is shared with others. Vintage is always ready to open up about its inspiration, development of specialists, and past mistakes in projects. 


As we said, Vintage is one of the most awarded and recognized web production agency in Europe.  This is all thanks to their striving to learn and use clients’ needs to implement according to solutions. The agency’s awards do not come from the woodwork. 

Moreover, the agency has strong faith in its professionals whom Vintage agency always supports and develops in various creative and non-creative spheres, so that their projects could be in perfect condition. 

7. Solar digital

Solar Digital Website

Solar digital is an agency that develops and supports brilliant web projects that advance clients’ businesses.  Its team makes the process of web and mobile development more responsive and agile to any interaction with the user.  With the help of testing and deep analysis of the target audience, Solar digital implements certain improvements so that the number of conversions and engagement could increase.  To get expected results, professionals of Solar digital leave simple snapshots and choose instead of experience and understanding of the client’s business. The agency’s main focus is on development and design. Every process is done with huge attention to detail. 

  • Solar digital develops charismatic and engaging brands

The agency provides sophisticated developments of the brand’s naming, identity, logo concepts, style elements, and frames up a guide. 

  • Solar digital develops UX/UI design

The agency’s designs can cover all business needs. Users are too pleased with everything the agency creates. 

  • Solar digital creates brilliant and efficient corporate websites

The agency provides websites not only for clients but also for their partners and customers. All developments highlight only the best features of the client’s products or services. 

  • Solar digital develops mobile apps

The agency builds and designs apps that depend on the client’s tasks and needs for iOS and Android platforms. 

  • Solar digital supports and develops MVP for start-ups

The agency’s approach creates a possibility to achieve certain results, a minimally viable product, and enhance the product’s functionality successively. 

  • Solar digital develops original and lucrative online stores

The agency knows and actively uses information and the latest technology to build e-commerce websites. They strive to make the world of e-commerce more user-friendly and smart at the same time.

  • Solar digital develops websites with WOW effect

With the help of the WOW effect, the agency develops bold designs, animations, live layout, illustrations, and other things to attract the target audience to clients’ businesses.

  • Solar digital builds uncommon web portals and marketplaces

The agency develops long-term and complex projects with previous research of the opponents and market and full engagement in the company’s processes.

8. League Design Agency

League Design Agency

League Design Agency is known in Ukraine and all over the world to create an uncommon and effective brand strategy, identity, digital design, content design. The agency’s team consists of young experts who have a huge interest in new products and technologies, modern culture, fashion trends, and effective approaches to build a sustainable project. With this, they aim to enhance the professional community of art directors and designers. 

League Design Agency believes that only new and unique products have a chance to survive in the modern world. These products should provide a fresh experience. The team always ready risk to deliver out-of-the-box projects. Moreover, they are not afraid to compete with others and even themselves for better results. 

Creation story

Several years ago, two friends have thought about helping other brands to find their way to unicity. Since then their team has grown a little and so their experience and number of projects. Nowadays the agency works with 43 brands from 16 countries. These clients are ambitious business people who want to develop new and useful products or services for regular people. 

  • The agency mission: With the help of unique design the team makes the world even a better place. Thus, they always keep in mind their strong vision and new form and perspective. Based on this, the team develops an unforgettable and smart project that helps not only clients but also designers from the team.
  • The agency’s values: The team’s work is about honesty and openness. With that, they build a relationship with clients on mutual respect and transparency.  The client always can access information on project development and the team that  works on it

Agency’s responsibility and competence

League Design Agency is sure that without awareness, new knowledge, and curiosity it is unreal to properly solve complex issues. Thus, the team is always fully responsible for project performance and implementation. 

9. Frontmen agency

Frontmen is a Ukrainian digital agency that ready to go extra mile for any project. While working on the client’s product, the team always combines essential like creativity, strategy, and technology that drive the effectiveness of the project. Frontmen have a small team with great professionals who ready to cooperate and develop to achieve the client’s goals. 

  • Frotnmen’s ideas 

The agency helps various organizations and companies to achieve their goals and even go further. The team creates ideas that provide real and tangible results. Frontmen’s professionals can easily find new possibilities for the brand’s development based on the client’s needs and skills. 

  • Frontmen’s design

The agency’s team keeps in mind that design trends are constantly shifting and, thus, they try to follow the best innovations. Ready-made solutions are not their story. To solve the client’s issues the team develops an effective design concept. 

  • Frontmen’s strategy

The agency’s team develops strategies that suit the demands of today and forecast tomorrow’s trend and needs. The professionals always think out-of-the-box to deliver the best results.

Frontmen agency is working with various local and international brands like LG, P&G, METRO, Shell, Porsche, Mondelez, Microsoft, McDonald’s, UNIQA, HONDA, Acure, etc. 

10. Unit Space agency

Unit Space is an international agency based in Kharkiv, Ukraine. It has more than 100 inhouse developers that work on various developments of a full cycle. The developers mostly concentrate their attention on developing web and mobile apps with research and development objects.  Unit Space offers the following services: 

  • Web development

The professional team can easily develop a unique project for any client. Its usefulness does not stop at developing a new brand, cross-functional online store, or mobile app. Unit Space’s experts do not need any old-school templates or outdated approaches. Each project is unmatched and special to the client.

  • Mobile apps

Unit Space has experts who are ready to create functional mobile apps for Android and iOS platforms. 

  • Branding

Unit Space does not only creates some idea. No, the team goes further by forming, naming, making it unique, and, most importantly, building a marketing and promotion strategy for the client’s business. All in all, branding is a certain set of processes that will allow the client’s product to become recognizable and attractive to the client’s customers. 

  • Web and Mobile Design

The agency develops an original style for each client that will help turn product or service into a unique project with strong charisma. If a client wishes to improve his or her existing product or service, Unit Space provides a service for a redesign. 

  • UX/UI Design

The agency designs develop a comfy user interface that, along with suitable design, allows us to get a brand new and original experience of interacting with the product whether it is a software or a website.  Unit space’s solutions’ main goal is to enhance the number of sales of a product or service.

  • Outsource

Unit Space offers strong teams for developing a client’s business or startup.