Marketing Partnership Can Energize Your Brand

How A Marketing Partnership Can Grow Your Brand

Marketing Partnership Can Energize Your Brand

Based on a certain case, we are going to discuss how one advertising agency worked with a client who pulled off one of the most effective and creative partnerships in the history of the agency. This was done only after a few weeks while the company existed for five years. 

Roadie is a promising delivery company that provides an opportunity for ordinary people to earn little money by delivering different items to people who are located where the delivery person was going anyway. When the company started working, its main necessity was to find drivers. Due to its partnership with the Waffle House restaurant chain, the company found all the needed drivers in a short period. 

This partnership was an easy one: Waffle House restaurants turned into “Rodie Roadhouses,” where senders and drivers could hand over or pick up items that had to be delivered.  Waffle House advertised their partnership with prepared signage and even offered a free drink and waffle to drivers for doing it at their restaurants.

As a result, Waffle House not only greatly benefitted by attracting traffic to its restaurant chain but also associated itself, a traditional brand, with an up-to-date tech startup.  Roadie got the opportunity to advertise its company to possible drivers among 25 states almost for free – and both companies derived benefits from great publicity that came up from their partnership. Later even Jimmy Kimmel talked about this unusual partnership in his monologue. 

So, what are the main solutions to a great brand partnership? We offer you to take a look at these three ideas: 

Brands-partners should be similar but still different

Collaboration of two brands
Collaboration of two brands

The two brands that decided to partner, need to possess similar values and have a similar target audience, however, they need to have differences so that their partnership could be attractive and interesting. 

For instance, Louis Vuitton and BMW are providing a similar experience. In their case, it is luxury travel to the same audience, rich individuals that have style. This partnership was not about the event but the product. Louis Vuitton designed a four-piece luggage set that perfectly fits into the trunk of fully-electric BMW i8. Moreover, this partnership was part of i8’s launch. 

The partnership should be interesting for news 

Brands Partnership
Brands Partnership

When two brands unite for partnership, they should provide something unique that will capture attention from media. A great example is a collaboration of CoverGirl and Star Wars. This a weird couple, many even will think that such a partnership of make-up company and science-fiction movie can not produce something together. Despite these thoughts, some decades ago, the Star Wars franchise saw that it attracted only young boys or men in the beginning. However, nowadays, we see these categories do not apply for this franchise anymore. More and more girls and women are interested in Star Wars. To introduce to this world, CoverGirl created a new line of makeup that has two styles: the dark side and the light side. As a result, such uncommon promotion helped the Star Wars franchise become popular among a female group and permitted CoverGirl to use the Star Wars marketing machine that was used before the world premiere of the 2015 film, Star Wars: The Force awakens. 

There are some cases, the newsworthy does not relate to how two partners are different but to what they decide to create. Both Red Bull and GoPro are well-known lifestyle brands that are about an extreme and action-packed lifestyle. They have worked in many mutually profitable partnerships, however, the best one among all of them was Stratos. This is an event that was together sponsored, where Felix Baumgartner, an Austrian skydiver, jumped from space having a GoPro camera with him. For you to understand, It was 24 miles above planet Earth. As a result, Baumgartner not only set several world records at once but also creates large press coverage for Red Bull and GoPro that confirmed the brand image of extreme living. 

Partners should benefit equally

Both brands should earn almost the same level of benefit from their collaboration. One of them should not benefit more, and another should not benefit to the disadvantage of the other. 

For instance, Starbucks often plays certain music in its coffee shops, and people who purchase coffee for 5 and more dollars are those prospects who purchase new music. In this kind of partnership, Spotify allows Starbucks baristas to use their premium subscription at no charge. As a result, baristas can create various playlists that create a well-known musical ambiance of Starbucks.  Starbucks acquires free access to the latest music and artists listed in Spotify to get access to customers of Starbucks who can look through daily playlists of Starbucks in its Starbucks Mobile App. 

Brand partnerships can provide great benefits that are quite hard to get in other ways, like a lot of attention for relatively small costs, the possibility to draft off of each other brand importance. If your brand can make use of such results, try to search for a good partner, develop a unique idea for collaboration, and go for it!