Quick Guide to Digital Marketing for Newbies

A Quick Guide to Digital Marketing for Newbies

Quick Guide to Digital Marketing for Newbies

Digital marketing may seem like an easy way to make money, but, in reality, it requires a lot of knowledge and hard work to conduct an effective digital campaign.

Working with digital marketing goes far beyond creating a website or writing articles. In the store of a novice digital marketer, there is a wide range of marketing tools, the correct use of which will lead to success. A thorough analysis of methods for promotion and a careful review of the tools of digital marketing will help a newbie to create a profitable online business.

Advantages of digital marketing 

Advantages of digital marketing
Advantages of digital marketing

Digital marketing is a set of tools that are used to promote goods and services online. Compared to offline promotion, this method has three main advantages:

  • Targeting

There are tools that help to find the right audience for the business and show an advertising message only to a specific group of people. Geographical location, age, gender, interests, income, place of work are available filters that allow the digital marketer to direct the campaign in the right direction.

  • Interactivity

Digital promotion allows businesses to better control the situation and interact more closely with the audience. Thanks to the capabilities of digital marketing, the marketer can track customer reviews, communicate with them directly and, in some cases, visually see what effect their actions bring.

  • Web analytics

Promotion on the web is also convenient because it makes it easy to analyze the actions. A digital marketer can always visually see how a particular tool worked, how many transitions to the site or customers it brought. At any time, there is a chance to cancel a promotion that does not work or change the settings.

Define the target audience: find the need and make up for it

Neither on the Internet nor offline will the business succeed in promoting goods and services without figuring out who its target audience is. In addition to the gender, age, and place of residence of the potential client, there are at least three other criteria that will help to draw up their portrait:

  • What is the client interested in?

Using different online services, the marketer can see in which communities in social networks its company’s target audience is, what they discuss in groups, and so on. It will also not be superfluous to monitor posts on thematic forums and on sites with reviews. In addition, it is recommended to pay attention to what target audience reacts most to, which posts collect the most likes and comments.

  • How solvent is the customer?

Pricing, the choice of sites for promotion, the style of advertising messages depend on the social status of the audience. Creating a product that your customer cannot afford is a huge mistake.

  • What problems does the client want to solve choosing your brand?

Based on the above-mentioned information, the marketer can try to simulate a situation and understand how its company’s project is useful for the client. In such a way the digital marketer can create a product for an already formed target audience and make it better than competitors.

Focus on creating strong texts

Creating strong texts
Creating strong texts

The purpose of the text is to remove all objections and concerns of the buyer and answer all their questions. A sales text is a substitute of a sales manager. Such texts accompany the user throughout the sales funnel, from the moment they visit the brand’s site to the time of a purchase.

There are some tips to make the text effective and strong:

  • arouse client’s interest with attractive headlines; 
  • describe the solutions provided by your brand’s product or service; 
  • add customer reviews that are already using brand’s product or service; 
  • describe in detail the product and its benefits; 
  • create urgency.

In all texts, a marketer should concentrate the client’s attention on the unique opportunity to solve their problems or make their life better. In the process of writing the text (and generally in the process of marketing), the digital expert needs to develop the habit of looking at everything through the eyes of the client: “What will I actually get from the purchase?”. There is an important thing to keep in mind: looking at everything through the eyes of the client does not mean putting yourself at the client’s place. In the process of marketing, new marketers sometimes run the risk of moving away from customer-oriented marketing towards corporate formalism.

Integrating email marketing into a strategy

Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective online channels, which gives not only numerous clicks to the site but also the high conversion. The newsletter is conducted in accordance with a strategy that takes into account all aspects of the product and features of the target audience.

By creating subscription offers, the marketer makes a valuable asset for the online business. If customers have given the brand a permission to get in contact with them by email, this means:

  • The brand is interesting to the client and consequently, the marketer needs to keep their attention.
  • The marketer has the opportunity to develop long-term relationships with users with a well-built strategy.
  • Newsletter results are measurable.
  • Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective digital marketing tools.

Every visitor to the brand’s site is a potential lead. And there is no better tool than email marketing for converting clients into buyers. Moreover, if a digital marketer pays enough attention to personalization, they can be sure that 90% of users will read their letters.


Although changes on the Internet are happening pretty fast, the general principles for starting an efficient e-commerce campaign do not change. Newbies in digital marketing can try themselves as assistants to a digital marketer in a small company or a startup. The best here is to get the maximum experience and to collect your own portfolio. This will be the ticket to move to the next level, where the marketer is no longer just a newbie, but a person with experience in implementing projects and solving problems.