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How to take your business online

get your business online

If you are thinking about variants to push your business in the online world, our web design company is ready to provide you several tips.

It is always exciting and risky at the same time to start a business. According to various statistics, approximately 20% of businesses vanish during the first year and approximately 50% of businesses during the fifth year. Small businesses need at least three years to gain profit and more than seven years to become successful in the market.

How to build a successful business

Jacob Evans
Jacob Evans

First off, it is crucial to understand that building a successful business needs a lot of time. Averagely, your online business will start to bring you money only in two years. You will have a lot of opponents, thus, you need to work on your unique features to stand out among others. Nevertheless, SEO, online advertising, and developing social media presence can quicken your process greatly.

Impactful marketing is a key tool for business development at any stage. To prove it, our company, Dewzilla has a great example for you.

Jacob Evans founded the real estate agency in the United Kingdom. He has a strong reputation in complex with skills and experience. His agency had quite good results on the local market, however, it still needed a rebranding to stand out rising competitors.

He contacted Dewzilla for advice on his possible SEO strategy to nail social media and search. Our team studied the current website and conducted an in-depth analysis of the market to build and implement according to strategy. The team mainly used content marketing, Google ads, advertising, and social media management.

Dewzilla has worked with the marketing team of the client to offer strong support, technical and content SEO strategies, and recommendations for the team to better its traffic of the site and ranking in Google.

Thanks to concentration on the targeted SEO strategy, our web development company successfully managed to enhance the online presence of the client. With the help of advertising campaigns, they attracted leads. The result for the online marketing campaign reached at some point a 400% increase in the organic traffic and at least 51% of leads created by online channels.

A step-by-step map to take your business to the online level

First of all, we will help you develop an effective e-commerce plan. When you make a crucial decision about technology and marketing you need to have a perfect plan at hand.

Many brand start developing their digital presence from starting the page on Etsy or Facebook. Of course, it is a good decision by still it has certain disadvantages. The main drawbacks of this strategy are the cutting of the sales and short of control over chosen platforms.


Remember that your website is an online representative of your business. Moreover, your website of the brand will tell visitors the story of your products, services, and business in general. A website can actively help you broaden your business to reach and establish your credibility. Thus, creating a website can be a perfect possibility to attract new customers and improve brand recognition.

Domain name

The first step for making your business recognized online is making an according to the list of possible domain names for your website. This is the main problem for your business. You should think thoroughly about the unique online address of your business as the domain name will help you to advertise your business and directly leads to your website. Dewzilla can professionally help you choose your name so that the target audience will always choose you. If you think of choosing the domain name all by yourself, you need to remember about these rules:

⦁ Your domain name should be catchy and short.
⦁ It should be easily typed
⦁ Use the keywords
⦁ Take into consideration the city or country
⦁ Choose the correct extension

Multiple domains

Some brand has various domains and their reasons are simple:
the protection of their brands
to relate to certain industry
to have a place to develop later
to example a connection with a certain geographical region.

Besides that, if you have many domains, you can choose the main domain for a website and then forward visitors to extra domains. The same trick can be done with the Facebook business page of your brand.

Website outline

After that, you need to think of a website outline. The main question is: what is the key aim of your website? The aim will connect to your business strategy and goals. You can even utilize the website to tell your customers about new products or services, then sell them, create leads, or support the visitors. For example, if your main aim is to offer the clients with the possibility to buy products straight from your website, then you should concentrate on building an e-commerce website. The type of website will relate to your objectives. Thus, remember that any website should have these essential components:

⦁ structure
⦁ design
⦁ content
⦁ credibility
⦁ navigation.

Social media

The active participation in the social media platform can be quite useful in developing the online audience of your brand. You can talk about your products or services on Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, and LinkedIn.


Your email strategy is a simple and cheap way to communicate with your target audience and the main part of the digital strategy of your business.

Website design
Website design

You have many variants in developing perfect design for your business website. Among them:
⦁ Website builder
There are many website building where you can develop a nice website all by yourself with the help of professional templates. Such websites are mobile-friendly and easy-to-use.
⦁ WordPress
If you wish to develop a more complex website than with simple templates, you can try working with the content management system of WordPress. However, to work with it, you need to know HTML.
⦁ Professional designer
This variant will work for you if you have approximate ides of how your business website will look like, however, you still do not have enough knowledge or skills to realize it. Our professional team of designers will help you turn your approximate idea into a perfect website that will help you gain more loyal customers and reach many business goals.
The basics of website design
Certain important basics form the whole perception of your website design and brand in general. Even if you decide to give the development of the design to professional, you still should control the development of:

⦁ Logo
⦁ Fonts
⦁ Color palette
⦁ Layouts

Website content

The smart content for your business website has a high value for your whole digital strategy. The brand’s website usually should have the precise story of the company, your mission, and what features distinguish your company among others. Try to tell your customers the story of how your business started and what you can do for your client.

Main pages to include on the website

We usually advise you to include the following essential pages on your business website:

⦁ Home
⦁ About Us
⦁ Products or services
⦁ Testimonials
⦁ Contact Us.

The smart content for your website should consist of the story, high-quality photos, images, video, and logo of your company.

How to tell the one-of-a-kind story of your company

How to tell the one-of-a-kind story of your company
How to tell the one-of-a-kind story of your company

There are several simple ways you can an inspiration to tell a one-of-a-kind story of your company to website visitors. You can analyze the websites of your opponents, newsletter of your brand, or marketing materials and inspire from your friends. Try not to repeat someone’s else content, try to find certain points that you do, and do not like about other similar websites from your market place.

After working on informative and up-to-date content for your site you should think about ways your target audience can find your website. To achieve something like this, you need to work on your SEO (search engine optimization).

SEO is mainly aimed to provide you and your website more organic visitors and higher search rankings. The main criteria that usually is important for our search engines are:

⦁ Relevant content
⦁ HTML tags
⦁ Keywords
⦁ Sitemap
⦁ Navigation
⦁ Link building

Social media

These days, marketing in social media ins an important part of your business promotion. Working on your social media channels for your business is a smart way to get more loyal website visitors or customers. Social media can offer you the possibility to present your brand and create huge traffic by adding the link to your main website in various posts.

We always remind you that it is crucial to choose correct social media platforms that will answer your business goals and industry. For instance, we choose Facebook and Instagram as the best variant for product-centric brands. Moreover, the choice of according to social media channels mainly depends on your target audience.


Before utilizing any kind of service or buying some products, regular users usually read reviews. Thus, a positive review of your business is the perfect solution to get more new customers. You can ask your current customers to leave reviews about your company. This way, you can get trust and loyalty from your customers. Besides that, you can use them as quotes and testimonials when there is a need.


Your business website should help your visitors engage with your products or services. Moreover, it should turn simple visitors into loyal customers of your brand. All in all, the website is a representation of the credibility of your brand.

If you want to achieve amazing results in the development of your website, support, and promotion, contact us so that the Dewzilla team could provide you professional solutions for your issue.